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Book your Fréjus/Saint-Raphael shuttle to Fayence or your Fayence shuttle to Fréjus/Saint-Raphael easily and safely.

Our company, which has specialised in passenger transport for many years, will be pleased to transport you in its shuttles from Fréjus/Saint-Raphael to Fayence and its shuttles from Fayence to Fréjus/Saint-Raphael under the best conditions and above all at the best price.

You arrive from Fréjus/Saint-Raphael and wish to go to Fayence, one of our drivers will wait for you with a sign where your name will be registered and then take you to your defined address when booking, hotel, camping, private residence etc.....

Transport time from Fréjus/Saint-Raphael to Fayence is approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the region, we guarantee you a timely arrival. For the safety of your children, we provide free seats adapted to their respective ages.

Our shuttles are of the latest generation and have air conditioning, leather, Wi-Fi, telephone charger.

Depending on the number of people you will either be in a Peugeot 508 sedan car, a Mercedes C or E class car, a VW mini-van or a Mercedes V class caravel.

If you encounter flight delays, we will do our best to ensure that there is always a driver on your arrival.

With regard to the payment of your transfer from Fréjus/Saint-Raphael to Fayence or your transfer from Fayence to Fréjus/Saint-Raphael you have different ways of doing so as indicated below:


-In cash to the driver (cheques not accepted)

-By credit card to the driver 

-By bank transfer (Paypal or bank transfer)

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