cannes - frejus/St raphael - cannes

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Book your shuttle from Cannes to Fréjus / Saint-Raphael or your shuttle from Fréjus / Saint-Raphael to Cannes with ease and security.

Our company specialized for many years in the transport of people will be happy to transport you in its shuttles from Cannes to Fréjus / Saint-Raphael and its shuttles from Fréjus / Saint-Raphael to Cannes in the best conditions and especially at the best price .

You arrive from Cannes and want to go to Frejus / Saint-Raphael one of our drivers will meet you at the arrival of your plane with a sign where your name will be registered then will take you to your address defined when booking, hotel, camping, private residence etc. ...

The duration of transport Cannes Fréjus / Saint-Raphael is about 40/45 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Thanks to our great knowledge of the region we guarantee you an arrival on time. For the safety of your children we provide you with free seats adapted to their respective ages.

Our shuttles are of last generation and have air conditioning, leather, Wi-Fi, phone charger.

Depending on the number of people you will be either by sedan type Peugeot 508, Mercedes class C or E, Mini-van type VW caravel or Mercedes class V.

If you ever experience flight delays we will do our best so that there is always a driver on your arrival.

Regarding the payment of your transfer from Cannes to Fréjus / Saint-Raphael where your transfer from Fréjus / Saint-Raphael to Cannes you have different ways to do as indicated below:

-In cash to the driver (checks not accepted)

-By credit card to the driver

-By transfer (Paypal or bank)

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